Policies and Procedures

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Assembly Material Handling
Air Equipment Ovens
Blasting Paint & Related
Calibration & Tests Quality Related
Chemical Information Radios
Fall Protection Policy Robotics
General Information & Practices Training - Audits - Orientation
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Ball Crimper
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Air Equipment

Tools and Hoses  
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Blast Machine Abrasive Drum Handling Procedure Blast Machine Operating Procedure
Blast Machine Troubleshoot Tumble Blaster Procedure
South Paint Line Blast Machine Operation Procedure  
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Calibration & Tests

5 Stage Wash Chemical Operating Procedure Micrometer
Blast Pre-treatment Quality Assurance Specification Mitutoyo Series 180 Protractor Calibration
Coating Thickness Gauge Paint Cure
Completing Part Check Procedure Paint Equipment Tests
Depth Micrometer Pencil Hardeness Gauge Operating Procedure
Dial Indicator Calibration Procedure 894 pH Controller
Dial Test Indicator pH Meter
Digital and Dial Caliper Precision Square
Digital Multimeter Operating Procedure Shank Checking Procedure
Fluke Multimeter Operating Procedure Sprayer Tank Inspection Procedure
Gloss Meter Operating Procedure Total Dissolve Solids Meter
Hach One Conductivity/ TDS Meter Wash Conductivity/ TDS Controller
Liquid Paint Analysis Wet Film Thickness Procedure
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Fall Protection Policy

Fall Protection Policy (pdf)
Fall Protection Policy (word document)

Chemical Information

Battery Changing & Charging Procedures for Electric Forklifts Flammable Solvent Handling
Changing Chemical Tote Tanks Procedure Propane Tank Changing & Handling Procedure
Chemical Safety & Handling Practice Spill Response Procedure
Spill Response Guide Spill Response Policy
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General Information & Practices

Air Bander Procedure Hearing Conservation Program
Air Equipment Safety (Tools & Hoses) Hose Cutting Procedure
Arc Flash Procedure Housekeeping Procedure
Assembly/ Packaging Area Standards Loading Area Standard
Back Safety Portable Ladder Safety
Basic Computer ManMan System Sample Contractor Checklist
Cell Phone Policy Sample Contractor Visitor Package
Contractor's Release and Agreement Tool Sharpening & Measuring Responsibilities
Electric Angle Grinder Practice Torch Handling Procedures From Sabre 3000
Electrical Safety Equipment Tools & Cords Yard Equipment Safety & Training Procedures
Hand Tool Safety Power Outage
  Inclement Weather Procedures

ANSI & ISO Standards for Decals

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Machines & Related

24000 Clutch/ Brake 1.1.1 Procedure Mubea Ironworker Blade Change Safety & Operating Procedure
6" Jointer Procedure Multi-Spindle Drill Safety & Operating Procedure
Three Roll Bender Safety & Operating Procedure Multi-Spindle Drill Robotics 550 Trip Cell Production Procedures
Bench & Pedestal Grinder Practice with Ring Test Procedure Nut Drive (SDX) Procedure
Brake Press Procedure Operation Procedures for Installing & Removing Core Drills
Brake Tooling Insertion, Setting, Removal Procedures Pedestrian Forklift Rules
Broaching Machine Pivot Housing Press Procedure
550 Casting Pneumatic Drill Tap Safety & Operating Procedure Plasma Cutting Torch Safety & Operating Procedure
Chamfering Machine Safety & Operating Procedures Plate Shear Safety & Operating Procedure
Cincinnati VMC Set-up & Operating Procedure Pneumatic Die Grinder
CNC Lathes Procedure Polyurethane Machine Procedure
CNC Saw & Autosaw Safety & Operating Procedure Press Safety & Operating Procedure
Compactor Safety & Operating Procedures Press Wheel Spool Broaching Machine Safety & Operating Procedure
Cut off Saw Punch Jig Procedure
Danley Press Set Up Procedure Punch Press Safety & Operating Procedures
  Roller Machine Guarding
Die Set Procedure Random Orbital Air Sander Procedure
Die Set Safety & Operating Procedure Rush 250 A Drill Grinder
Disk and Belt Sander Single Spindle Drill
  Small Pipebender
Haas VMC Boring Procedure Spray Boom Procedure
Haas VMC Machine Spring Compressor (SDX) Procedure
Heckert Mill Machine Safety & Operating Procedure Tapmatic Tapping Heads
  Tillage Clevis Bender
Hydraulic Die Splitter Safety & Operating Procedure Trip Casting Boring Machine Safety & Operating Procedure
Ironworker Safety & Operating Procedure Trip Casting Bushing Press Safety & Operating Procedure
Kent KCS-6311D & Proth Surface Grinder Safety & Operating Procedure Trip Casting Boring Mill Safety & Operating Procedure
Kent KCS-6311D & Proth Surface Grinder Trip Casting Testing Procedures
Landis Threader Safety & Operating Procedure Trip Channel Bender Safety & Operating Procedure (350lb)
Lathe Feeding Tube Safety & Operating Procedures Trip Channel Bender Safety & Operating Procedure (500lb
Machine Lockouts Trip Spring Compressor Safety & Operating Procedures
Manual Lathe Procedure Unitool Punch Units Punch Sharpener
Manual Lathe Vertical and Horizontal Belt Sanders
Minister Press Start Up Procedure VMC Set-Up & Operating Procedure
Milling Machine  
Miter Saw Procedure  
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Equipment Service Log Procedure Projects Department Spray Booth
Floor Sweeper Procedure Resetting Honeywells Procedure
Maintenance Lock Out Procedure Sprinkler System Re-Charge Procedure
Maintenance Tagging Procedure  
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Material Handling

Bagging Procedures Loading Hoist Operating Procedure
Battery Changing and Charging Procedure for Electric Forklifts Pallet Lifter Safety and Operating Procedure
Caddy Cart and Hitch Load and Unload Procedure Perma-Lift Magnet
Crate and Pallet Lumber Charts Pivot Toolbar Load and Unload Procedure
Crate Building Procedure Plate Lifter Safety and Operating Procedures
Crating Procedure Safety Limits - Weight and Size
Heavy Harrows Loading Procedure Safety Limits For Hook and Conveyor
Heavy Harrows Unloading Procedure Scissor Lift Truck Safety and Operating Procedure
Hoist/ Jib Crane Safety Inspection Sling Safety
Hoist Loading Instructions Tank Paint Line Wheelabrator Airblaster Operating Procedure
Hub Loading Procedure  
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Burn Off Oven Oven Cleaning Procedure
Dry-off and Cure Oven Start Up and Shutdown Procedure Paint Hook and Rack Cleaning - Burning Operator Procedure
Dry-off and Cure Oven Systems Operating Procedure Tank Paint Line Oven Cleaning Procedure
Loading Cart Into Oven Tank Paint Line Powder Booth/ Ovens PM Procedure
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Paint & Related

Pencil Hardening Gauge Operating Procedure Painters Shift Checklist
Barring and Strapping Procedure for South Paint Line Posi Tech Coating Thickness Gauge
Blast, Paint, Wash-Emergency Shutdown  
Fluke 70 Series II Multimeter- Paint Operating Procedure Powder Booth New Cartridge Seasoning Procedure
Gloss Meter Operating Procedure Powder Booth-Operating and Maintenance Procedure
Greenlee DM-210 Digital Multimeter Operating Procedure Powder Output Test-Paint booths
Inktank Paint Procedure Powder Paint Booth Fan Motor Removal
Line Laser 3000 Line Painting Procedure Powder Painting Procedure
Liquid Paint Analysis Press Wheel Dipping Process Instruction
Liquid Paint Booth Procedure Procedures to Repair or Refinish the Interior of Service Repaint Air Seeder Tanks
Liquid Paint Mixing Application Procedure Receiving Powder Paint -Quality Assurance Procedure
Liquid Paint On-Line Information Record Sheet Repaint Parts
Loading Paint Line Procedures South Paint Line Colour Change Procedure
Lock out procedures for all Paint Lines  
North Paint Line Oven Cleaning Procedure Tank Paint Line 1330 Plus 1740 & 2340 Tank Prepping Procedure
Oily material pre load for all Paint line Tank Paint Line Colour Change Procedure
Paint Booths- Powder Adding Procedure Tank Paint Line Granular Tank Prepping
Paint Cure Tank Paint Line Paint Cure Inspection
Paint Department Panel Testing Tank Paint Line Powder Booth & Ovens P.M. Procedure
Paint Equipment Tests Operating Procedure Tank Paint Line Powder Output Test
Paint Gun Maintenance Checklist Tank Paint Line Quality Assurance Standards
Paint - Gun Powder Output Test Tank Paint Line Spot Repaint
Paint Line Safety Audit Tank Paint Line Tank Pretreatment Inspection
Paint Receiving Procedure Tank Paint Line Tank Repaint Procedure
Paint Safety Audit Tank Paint Line Tank Washing Procedure
Paint - Tagging Shortage Wet Sanding-Possible Paint folder
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Quality Related

5500 Caddy cart-hitch Quality Assurance Procedure KANBAN-Restock Procedure
  Graindrill Hopper & Lid Quality Assurance Procedure
EPL 1200 Series Planter Bar Quality Assurance Procedure Quality Control For Packaging Department
Field Sprayer Quality Assurance Procedure Pivot Tool Bar Quality Assurance Procedure
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Robotic Welding Programming Training Guide
Trip Robot
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Training - Audits - Orientation

Cash Audit Request Form 2015 Policy on Standards and Training
Confined Space Entry Procedur Procedure Changes Requests
Emergency Evacuation/In-House Shelter Checklist Sample Orientation Form
Employee Orientation Safety Audit
Employee Orientation2  
Employee Training Guideline For Supervisors Safety Audit 2
Forklift Training Safety Audit 3
Heat Stress Standard Example Safety Audit 4
Line Planning Procedure Safety Audit 5
Paint Line Safety Audit Safety Gap Analysis Request Form 2015
Paint Safety Audit SMS Self Assessment Tool
  Work Hazard Permits Procedure
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Washing & Related

3-Stage Wash Operating Procedure Model Hi 943500B Hanna Conductivity TDS Controller
3-Stage Wash Titration Paint Department Pre-treatment Slow Drain Procedure
5 Stage Wash Panther Portable Electric PressureWasher Safety & Operating Procedure
5-Stage Wash Operating Procedure pH meter Operating Procedure
  Pressure Washer Operating Procedure
5-Stage Wash System Operating Procedure Pressure Washer Operating Procedure 2
5 Stage Wash Pretreatment Parameters Pretreatment Info and Troubleshooting Guides
5 Stage Wash Pretreatment Parameters 2 Tank Paint Line Pretreatment Information
5 Stage Wash Titration Procedure Tank Paint Line Wash Pretreatment Parameters
5 Stage Wash - Chemical Controller Operating Procedure Tank Paint Line Wash Titration Procedures
5 Stage Wash -Preventative Maintenance Procedure Wash Pretreatment Parameters
894 pH Controller Operating Procedure Wash Cleaning Procedure
Hach One Conductivity-TDS Meter Wash Start Up Procedure
Hanna Hi 9034TDS Total Dissolve Solids Meter Wash Titration Equipment Service Log Procedure
Maintenance Pretreatment Dump and Desludge  
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Protecting Workers from Welding Fumes  
elding Exposures in Manitoba